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Our Malian Cultural Day

A welcoming land for others / A place other’s call home

Rich in history, Mali offers us a panoply of people, language, monuments, beliefs and traditional ceremonies. “Where I live” brings together national and international students around a project of discovery

The History of the Empires of Mali

-The presentation of historical

-Cultural sites


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Integrated Crossover



The alliance between sport and solidarity …  

This is the challenge the students of the BSB have taken up!

Much more than just a classic crossover, the crossover 2020 was an occasion once again to gather young and old around a common project.

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A gift for everyone

A collaboration between the Lions Club Bamako BENKAN and the Bilingual School of Bamako 

The Bilingual School of Bamako bases its values on sharing, solidarity, mutual aid and respect for differences!

The Christmas period was an opportunity, once again, to spread some holiday

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Trash Challenge

The environment… it’s everyone’s business!

For the past 2 years, the students of the Bilingual School of Bamako have been contributing to the protection of their environment by carrying out various actions around recycling, composting, sorting, etc. :

– Creation of an educational garden made of recycled materials

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Ancient Egypt

A major project to activate the neurons of our elements: we are preparing an exhibition on ancient Egypt. Many hours devoted to the discovery of this civilization and the practice of modelling the objectives and drawings that will be presented there!

Egyptian statues in the Louvre Museum
Planning for the

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Happy Halloween everyone!

A spooky end of 1st period brunch

On the table was : bloody pizza, fresh witch fingers, flying potion juice, evil warm pumpkin cake

So much more came crawling out of the ground

Crazy hats day

For our brunch on October 18th,

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Dinosaurs era

Dinosaurs era

Everybody can have a share in this theme study.

Here is a new inter-level project… the World of dinosaurs!

We plan to model 2 types of dinosaurs environment: creation of 2 models, creation of a child size dinosaur, creation of a wire dinosaur,

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The end-of-year celebration 2019

The 4th period ended on a high note!
The students of the Bilingual School of Bamako produced magnificent performances during their end-of-year show under the sign of Solidarity! Congratulations to the teachers and ATSEM for their creativity and to the children for their artistic investment!

An organization also under the

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Watch out !

Comply with the traffic regulations!

The Traffic Laws is one of the institutional tools governing common rules.
Who will get the “diploma for the best miniature car driver”?
The Malian Road Safety Company has carried out two interventions with our Elementary classes. During this intervention, were on the program:

 the identification of the various

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