Trash Challenge

The environment… it’s everyone’s business!

For the past 2 years, the students of the Bilingual School of Bamako have been contributing to the protection of their environment by carrying out various actions around recycling, composting, sorting, etc. :

– Creation of an educational garden made of recycled materials (tires and pallets)

– Citizen path” project: designation of cleaniness leader officers

– Making of compost

– Installation of paper recycling bins in each room and office

– Creation of recycled paper

Around the world, the hashtag “Trash Challenge” has interested many citizens, determined to show that taking care of the environment means taking care of all life, mainly life that needs our help such as animals and the coming to an end of certain species, taking care of plants and taking care of our surroundings with its riches.

Sensitized to this cause, our students took pleasure in cleaning their football pitch as part of their “Trash Challenge”.

As a result, about twenty garbage bags were filled with various types of waste: water bags, trousers, shoes, mosquito nets, plastic bags, bottles, fabrics, tissues… which had no place in this area intended for sports!

Congratulations to our students who do not and will not hesitate to raise awareness, among future … and previous generations!

A big thank you to Mrs. Boucquey for her commitment and her joie de vivre!