Ancient Egypt

A major project to activate the neurons of our elements: we are preparing an exhibition on ancient Egypt. Many hours devoted to the discovery of this civilization and the practice of modelling the objectives and drawings that will be presented there!

Egyptian statues in the Louvre Museum

Planning for the model of the pyramid


Ancient Egypt exhibition

Did you get to visit our awesome Ancient Egypt exhibition? Every elementary student got really excited implementing our project!

The first graders put together a book explaining how to make papyrus paper. They had watched videos, read books, listed the steps, invented a (documented) fiction story then drew and copied the sentences.

2nd and 3rd graders did group research then made posters to show what they’d learnt.

After reading, watching videos, doing their own research, practicing drawing and making replicas in Playdoh, grades 4 and 5 finally got to exhibit all their good works.

We even organised an interactive corner to challenge visitors’ knowledge on the subject.