Our Malian Cultural Day

A welcoming land for others / A place other’s call home

Rich in history, Mali offers us a panoply of people, language, monuments, beliefs and traditional ceremonies. “Where I live” brings together national and international students around a project of discovery

The History of the Empires of Mali

-The presentation of historical

-Cultural sites

-The discovery and listening of traditional instruments

-The familiarization with the insects and birds that cover the territory

The students of BSB became aware of the diversity and the cultural richness of Mali. A discovery of History and heritage


On the program :

-Meeting with musicians (N’goni and djembe)

-Training modules with Mali Tourism

-Preparation of the photo exhibition

-Video editing

-Culinary discovery “Taste in Africa”.

Ours Partners

Le Centre de Développement de l’Artisanat Textile


Ministère de l’Artisanat et du Tourisme – La Direction Nationale du Tourisme et de l’Hotèllerie – MALI TOURISME


On the program of our cultural day: brunch, photo exhibition of students “our life in Bamako“, stands “discovery of textile crafts” of CDAT “discovery of Mali” of Mali Tourisme, djembe percussion, traditional African outfits …